Field-based Experiences as an Education Assistant: Professional Responsibilities

I found that EAs are there for students not only for the student’s misbehavior but also their educational and personal help. For example, if some students start hitting other students, EA should be there to stop the action. And then, EA’s role doesn’t stop there. EA should be able to give both of the students an opportunity to think why and how the action happened by asking open questions.  Also, EA should be able to help students when they are struggling in class. For instance, I had a student who was being bored in Class while other students were working on making a story. I asked him what he is working on and he says he doesn’t know what to write. I gave him open questions that are related to the story and let him say some of his ideas.

Second of all, there are a couple duties that EA should do in school.  One of them is to make sure everyone in class is comfortable.  If a student is physically disabled, EA should be there to move her/him when she/he needs to go to a different location. Also, if some students are upset or sitting in a corner of the class silently, EA should be with them and ask them questions and find out what is going on.  The other duty would be there to help the teacher. When the teacher is teaching in class, and some students are distracting other students, EA should be there to remind them they are in class and they should focus on their teacher. Also, EA should be there when teachers need help prepare for classes(ex: printing copies, changing dates of the calendar and tidying up the class room).

Finally,  EA should be able to understand about students as much as possible. It could be their level of reading, their personal issues, their favorite things to do, what they are good and bad at and etc.


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