Field-based Experiences as an Education Assistant: Planning for learning

 Throughout my field experience and practicum, I started to think “what strategies make students learn with enjoyment? ” When people enjoy, they tend to remember.  
There are multiple intelligence: Language, Logical, Musical, Spatial-Visual, Social, Self, Body movement and nature. 
What is a good lesson so that every intelligence can learn with enjoyment?
I remember my mentor teacher was teaching students about “ear” and how each of the organs of ears work.
she showed videos about ears and she made students pretend one of the organs and let them dance like one. She used organ terms in gym class.  She used walls ,floors, windows and outside materials to let students hear different sounds. 
She taught students with so many methods and the result of ear quiz was incredibly high. 
Students learn in different ways. Educators should be there to support them in every way to let them learn. 

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