Teaching Philosophy

Meet Where Students Are

  • It is very important understand where students are. Do they understand? If not, why? What can I do? How much do they understand?
  • When my dad was a teacher, he used to play outside with his students and be silly with them. It is important to be there for them and be there with them.


Environment for Students

  • Creating a space where all students can do their best in their ways is very important.  For example, if a student  needs to move around while writing, give him/her options like letting him/her stand, giving him/her a pedal under the desk ant etc.
  • I used to fall out of the chair often in school and got into trouble. I believe every kid should have options how they learn.

UDL Video




Fail to Succeed

  • To succeed, you often need to take hard choices. I believe it is essential for students to know it is ok to fail. Also, I want to show students that teachers sometimes fail, but we never give up! We teachers should be honest about our mistakes and fails and show students that we keep trying until we reach our goal.


Growth Mind Set vs Fixed Mind Set Video


Believe in Students

  • I want students to do their best. To make it happen, we need to believe in them and be PATIENT.  We need to believe that students can do it instead of doubting. When students struggle with tasks, I would like to help them with positive attitude. I want to focus on what they can do, not cannot do. If they can’t do certain things, I want to tell them I believe that they will be able to do it sometime, but just “not yet”.Picture3Picture5


Empower Students

  • I believe empowering students is very beneficial to both students and teachers. I would like to support students by giving resources and environment, and I let students be independent. I believe students can teach each other.Capture.PNGdsf

Learning without Noticing

  • I believe the best way for students to learn is learning without noticing. When I was a kid, I learned by sitting, writing and listening to teachers which was BORING. Like John Dewey said “learning is doing”, I believe in many hands on activities when it comes to learning.  I want to make learning fun for students.Picture6Picture7

Health –No1 Priority

  • I believe students need to be healthy especially emotionally first before learning. Students can’t do their best when something is destructing their mind. It is important to create safe environment and comfortable environment where students can express their emotions.

Assuming students are going to be fine is dangerous  –  Suzy’s story



Diversity in School

  • Diversity is a key for every student to be successful as a human being. Diversity would give all of us an opportunity to learn all different religions,different languages, different coloured skin and different sexual genders belong to one human race.
  • Diversity would prevent from bullying, judging others, and stereo types.



  • I want students to do their best and be their best. I want to see them having fun and loving being in school. As an educator, I feel it is very important to understand where they are and be there for them with respect and no judging or assuming.  I also want to enjoy with students and learn from them.



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