My Journey

  •  I was an English teacher for kids(0 – 12 years old) 10 years ago just for the summer in Japan. I learned how much kids can learn when they enjoy the class.
  • I was also a tutor for junior high students in Japan. I was able to understand why they don’t understand and worked together to do well in exams. It made me so happy when they came to me saying “Thank you”.
  • After getting sick from working for my own selling Japanese products, I started to think what I want to do in my life. My fiance always told me I will be very good with children, and I look happy when I am around them. Thanks to his advice, I decided to change my carrier.
  • I got ECE  level 1 certificate a couple years ago and started working in before AND  after school. I met 2 boys who are brothers and they both had aggressive behavior problems. I was able to figure out when and why they get aggressive. I decided to be always on their side when they become aggressive and gradually, their behavior(behaviour) problems got a lot better. Their mother thanked me and I felt so happy to be involved for their bright future.
  • So, my fiance was right. I am pretty good with children and they make me happy. I can’t think about other carriers but being involved with children but I did not want to stop where I was.
  • I thought about 2 choices, either getting ECE level 2 and3 certificate or working in school as an EA teacher. I was curious being involved with children in educational environment so I decided to take Education Assistant course.
  • While being in practicum as an Education Assistant, I was amazed by my mentor teachers, and how influential they can be for their students. I started to feel I want to become like my mentors, therefore, I have decided to pursue my further career to become a teacher.

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