Learning from ECS 10 (Discussion Forum)


History and Governance in Education in Saskatchewan

It is important to learn about the history because we get to have a better understanding how the education system has been built over the years and the reason of today’s system. For example, how separate school system was built and how Saskatchewan was born as a province.  Also, I thought it was important to know how consolidation happened. Overall,  there are a lot of changes over the years!


One of the key points that help me to better understand education today is education is just political. Education is all about politics and we all have to be careful. I didn’t know that band schools are funded by federal government. I wonder why. Also, it is important to understand that the education is very connected with social issues. Canada is multicultural, and it brings many challenges in education system.


In Alberta or in Calgary Board of Education system, if students are coded, the school that the students are in gets more funding to help them learn in better environment, and I heard some schools are into coding students. This type of system is very political. I wonder if Saskatchewan has a similar system.


Independent or Alternative Schools

What is ‘alternative’ in this space/school?

Rundle Academy has 2 schools in separate locations in Calgary. One of them is specifically for students with learning disabilities. There are only 6-10 students in classroom and they have a lot of options how they learn,for example,they can write on whiteboard desk, they have a stand-up desk and etc)

What is unique about the school? (Mission, values, beliefs, etc)

  • Focus on both academic and personal achievement in a space where every student can do their best to be successful.
  • Student-centred
  • Small class sizes
  • They only offer learning disability students who are in the average to above average range of intellectual functioning.
  • Students are expected to do well in exams  prepared for post-secondary education.
  • Focus on leadership skills
  • Created extracurricular program for students to experience outside  the classroom.

What are the different ways students might experience school/learning in this space?

Since it is small class size environment, students could have closer relationship with the teachers and the peers. Students have options how they learn (typing on computer instead of writing, standing desk, and son) so they can focus better in class. Also, they have extracurricular program for students to discover their different skills other than academic

What connections are you making to your own beliefs about teaching and learning?

The idea of classroom size and the environment fits my beliefs. I believe that some students can learn better standing up or while they are doodling and they are allowed to do that in the school. Having small size classroom will give both teachers and students an opportunity to get to know each other better which could lead to trustworthy relationship. I also like the extracurricular program because it would let students discover what they like other than academic side which would give them a chance to think what they want to become in the future.  I want every student to do their best in their way and find their bright future, so I love the school’s system. One thing I am still uncertain about is the school focuses on post-secondary education. It could become too much of a pressure for students who are still seeking about their future.



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