Field Experience: Teachers & Knowledge (Week 3)

How do you see teachers honouring different ways of knowing?


My teacher always give students options. My students are learning how to write letters, and they just learned how to write “D”. They have to finish writing “D” 8 times, and then, they have a choice of either colouring a dinosaur picture, or they can do letter “D” shape maze. My teacher knows students tend to be engaged when they have a choice after a hard work.

  Also, when students learn ABCs, my teacher lets students use the whole body to memorize. For example, when they learn A for avion (plane in French), she starts pretending she is flying while she says “avion”. Then Students start walking around with their both hand in the air while saying “avion” as well.  My teacher is into “learning by doing”.


How do you see your teacher promoting knowledge in the classroom?


My teacher promotes knowledge by using the walls, having “play centres”, using a lot of gestures when she tells students what to do in French. In play centres, they have a light table so that it’s easier for students trace letters, along with clay to make letter shape.

Also, they have a grocery store centre which they need to role play and count vegetables and such. My teacher always similes when students are playing centres and says “those kids have no idea that they are learning right now, they think they are just playing”.


What are the key supports that teachers rely on?


My teacher relies on what students are supposed to learn (curriculum), and also, she relies on her students to do their best in any situation. She has been working on students’ independance. She doesn’t help them when she knows they can do it by themselves, instead, she cheers them by giving them ideas so they can do things better and faster.  She relies on smartboard and books with a lot of pictures so students can guess what the book is about. In smartboard, she puts french songs on, and she uses gestures with the lyrics so students can guess what the songs are about.

A lot of teachers rely on education assistants in a class to have a better classroom management as well.


How do teachers continue to build their own professional knowledge?


My teacher told me to take any pictures in the classroom and school because there are bunch of ideas that I may want to use in the future. She said that she often visits the other classrooms just to “steal” their ideas.  Also on PD(Professional Development) days, teachers learn a lot of things that could be beneficial for both teachers and students; for instance, mindfulness, nonviolent crisis intervention, and so on. I found the website what teachers in AB do on PD days:


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