About Me


I was born and raised in Japan until I turned 20 years old.  I was raised by my parents, grandparents, their siblings……a lot of relatives in my neighborhood! I was raised in traditional Japanese family  and my grand father( on the left in the picture in front of his bonzai garden)  has been in charge of the Asanos.  To make this story simple, I was a princes in the family and my future had been set up to get married with a rich and nice man and have a lot of children.   Hummm…..I was a bit too high-spirited to settle that way.   I met students from Canada when I was in high school and I have decided to move to Canada to explore freedom.

I went to school in Lethbridge College and then lived in Whitehorse in the Yukon for 3 years to get Permanent Residency. Now I have been living in Calgary since 2014.

I love going to concerts (From pop music; Back Street Boys to heavy metal; Slipknot.  Any type of music!) .

I love meeting new people from all over the world and get to know about their culture.

When I am stressed out, I  play video(PC) games.  I own Nindendo 64, Wii, Xbox one and Play station 3. I am asking “my” Santa Clause to get a Super Nintendo for this Christmas.


My Strengths as A Professional Educator 

  • Flexibility when working with students
  • Calm and quiet manner with students
  • Can be silly when appropriate
  • The way I interact with people – kind, considerate and respectful.
  • My willingness to try any activity with students (including gym activities and discussions)
  • Effective communication skill with students/ school staff
  • Has established excellent relationships with all students
  • Comes to school early each day – to run through what is happening that day and what my role will be in each of the activities (in practicum)
  • Positive attitude, enthusiastic about the learning activities and always eager to work with the students in a variety of situations.
  • Don’t get offended and continue to offer support to difficult students
  • Handle the confidentiality of everything I see, hear or read with the highest level of respect and confidentiality.
  •  Can break down activities into small manageable chunks for students to do             successfully.
  • Always maintain the child’s dignity and defuses the situation quickly